Student Transfer

Recognition of study results and credit transfer:

Study results accumulated from another training level, another training discipline or curriculum, another course or from another institution are carefully considered by FIT Scientific Council (FSC) to make sure they are equivalent to the courses listed in the curriculum of the IET program; once accepted by FSC, the results including scores and credits are eligible to be transferred and recorded in student’s academic transcript.

FSC considers the equivalence in terms of standard student outcomes, learning content and study load, course assessment method and quality assurance conditions for program implementation according to different levels as follows:

  1. Recognition and conversion for each course
  2. Recognition and conversion according to each group of courses

The maximum number of credits recognized and transferred account for no more than 50% of the total credits of the IET curriculum.

The procedures for transferring students and transferring courses are based on the yearly admission regulations of LHU, typically including two following cases:

Case 1: Transfer from Faculty A to Faculty B within LHU


Figure 1.2 Transfer from Faculty A to Faculty B


  1. Students who wish to transfer may submit their application forms and transcript obtained from Faculty A to Faculty B for their consideration.
  2. After their thorough consideration, Faculty B may accept or reject the application and accordingly inform students with their official decisions.
  3. If accepted, students submit their transfer application with acceptance letters from Faculty B to Faculty A.
  4. Faculty A thoroughly considers the application; if agreeing, Faculty A approves and forwards their decisions to the Office of Academic Affairs so that they process the transferring of the accepted students from Faculty A to Faculty B and archive the records.

Transfer conditions:

  1. The university-entrance score for the current program that the applicant is studying must be at least equal to that required for the receiving program.
  2. Leaders of the two Faculties have official consent for the transfer.
  3. Applications are open in every July and December.
  4. Only scores of equivalent subjects are transferred.

Case 2:

  • Procedure for student transfer from other institutions to LHU as shown in Figure 1.3.

Figure 1.3 Procedure for student transfer from other institutions to LHU

  1. A student wishing to transfer to LHU is required to submit his/her application documents (including transcript) to Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) of LHU.
  2. OAA of LHU forwards the application documents to relevant Faculty offering the program expected by the student.
  3. The Faculty reviews the documents and decides if the student is accepted. If a student is accepted, the Faculty decides which courses and their scores are eligible to be transferred and what to be studied at the Faculty.; otherwise, the Faculty states why the application is rejected.
  4. The Faculty submit their official decisions to OAA of LHU; 
  5. OAA submits relevant documents for official approval by LHU Rector and accordingly inform the final results to the student.
  6. Accepted student submits transferring application documents to related bodies at his/her institution for official approval by his/her Rector/President. Once approved, he/she submits the approval letter to OAA of LHU to complete the transferring procedure.
  • Procedures for student transfer from LHU to other institutions as shown in Figure 1.4.

Figure 1.4 Procedures for student transfer from LHU to other institutions

A student wishing to transfer to another institution is required to submit official application documents along with the official consent of the receiving school to OAA of LHU.

  1. OAA of LHU reviews the application and has it approved by LHU Rector.
  2. OAA of LHU informs the related Faculty, records related information and provides necessary documents to the applicant.

Transfer conditions:

  1. During his/her study, his/her family moves to another far away location or he/she runs into difficulties that he/she needs to transfer to a school nearby his/her family to have better study conditions;
  2. The receiving school offers similar study major/ discipline with the current one.
  3. He/she obtains formal agreements by the Rectors/Presidents of the two institutions.
  4. His/her entrance examination score is at least equal to the minimum admission score required by the receiving institution.
  5. He/she is living in the admission regions specified by the receiving school;
  6. He/she is neither a freshman nor a senior student;
  7. He/she is free from warning punishments or more severe ones.

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